The Beaker Brothers Band Christmas Show 12/14 | 8:00pm


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The Beaker Brothers

The Beaker Brothers Band isn’t a nostalgic act or a tribute show. They are playing the music that has been in their heads and hearts since we first heard it. The music is of the night back in the day, played by guys who are as awed by it now as when they were driving home from a gig in 1969. Appearing at festivals, concerts, civic events, reunions and more, The Beaker Brothers Band is thankful for the inspiration they gain from musical hero’s but play the tunes as if they were their own. This is not your fathers rock band. No wait, maybe it is. Anyway…we’re sure you’re going to dig it.

General admission show. First come first serve on tables. Reservations available for a small fee. Contact Carrie @ for information regarding reservations.