Six Odd Rats 6/21 |9:00pm doors at 8:00pm


Six Odd Rats first came to The Famous Mockingbird during the Battle of the Bands, competing for a spot on the big stage, at Camp Euforia Music Festival. This band came in hot and performed an amazing show full of high energy and slick licks. We knew we needed to get these guys back in the house for a full performance. Full on party show and great music!

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Six Odd Rats

Born from a basement bar in Iowa City, organizing around open mic and jam sessions at the Yacht Club. What began as an improvisational jam band, quickly grew to become more organized in their compositions, with roots and influences in blues, funk, and rock music. One thing led to another, and before the rats could say ‘cheese’ they quickly became a popular show in the Iowa City area. Their unique sound has propelled their talents across the Midwest to cities in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Be in the lookout for their locally produced debut album later this year.

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