Kris Lager Band Christmas Show 12/22 | 9:00pm


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Kris Lager Band

Join us for our Kris Lager Band Christmas show. A genuine musical journeyman, Kris Lager brings a feel good musical experience wherever he goes. One of those rare and dynamic performers who delivers a combination of musical ability and charisma, Kris Lager will make you want to dance, clap and sing along. Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, Kris Lager has been zig zagging the country spreading their band of “feel good funk” for over 15 years. The band is quietly establishing themselves as one of the most storied and treasured groups in the Midwest music scene. Enjoy a libation from the Backstage Lounge located behind the stage, let your eye wander around the festive Christmas décor and become enchanted for an evening with one of our most favorite bands!