Jordan Bruce and the Derelectics – 3/30 | 8:00 pm


The Famous Mockingbird welcomes back Jordan Bruce and the Derelectics, and couldn’t be more excited!

Doors open at 7:00 pm

About Jordan Bruce and the Derelectics

Jordan Bruce creates unique, inspired music that blends all of the right influences—past and present. His distinctive lyrical sensibilities and the wealth of talent which comprises The Derelectrics, result in a refreshing and unpredictable concoction.

Jordan leads The Derelectrics with a laid-back maturity and thoughtful focus that is communicated through groove-oriented rhythm guitar, a sweet and versatile vocal style, and at times, idiosyncratic orchestration. Parts of a song will reveal a light-handed pop sensibility while another conjures up jazz-fused progressions and off-beat vocals. His message is often introspective, sometimes quirky, yet always accessible.

Just as Jordan pays homage to an eclectic blend of styles, he has attracted musicians equally diverse. This group of artists have shared the stage with the likes of Aaron Gillespie (Paramore), Mat Kearney, and the Black Crowes covering a range from Tito Puente to The Wailers. Tossing traditional plot lines and formulated compositions to the way side, this collaboration is continually evolving and exploring—Giving rise to an unmistakably authentic voice, not individually, but rather, as a collective.


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