Feed the Dog 9/28 | 8:00pm


Feed The Dog

Feed the Dog is an eclectic and action-packed, high-energy, jam-rock-grass band. The Appleton based group features masterfully crafted fiddle, Kottke like finger-pickin’ acoustic six and twelve string guitar, funky bass lines, and percussive soul. The band started in July of 2015  and has been relentless playing festivals, theaters, and clubs alongside regional and national touring acts with Freshmen album “Sheep”,


Tenderloin is a timeless work of art that displays Feed The Dog’s wide range of talent, a true testament to original music. The 9 track album was recorded at Hyde Street Studios, a studio that produced many monumental recordings by groups such as the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, CSNY, Santana, CCR, Herbie Hancock, and many others. On the flip side, a great concert is a chance to tell a story, that, as it transpires, becomes a story unto itself. Come to join, as all music lovers are welcome to be a part of both the studio and live experience of the Feed The Dog story!


“When folks come together and are true to themselves and each other, a sound is often created that’s unique and exciting. Feed the Dog has achieved that and their energetic and funky grooves lend themselves to dancing and merriment, while their lyrical exploration takes the listener on a journey through life’s ups and downs.”

– Adam Greuel, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

“Feed The Dog defies categorization – that’s what makes their music so cool. Their brand of original music excites live audiences and radio listeners alike. In 40 years of programming radio, I can tell you that it is only once in awhile that something comes along that is both so original and infectious. Feed The Dog is one of those rare finds. If listener reaction is any indication – these guys have a long bright road ahead. We’re big fans, and Feed The Dog’s Tenderloin only takes it to a new level. They are defining the new cool in original music.”
– Rob Moore, 91.1 The Avenue