Domestic Blend – 5/11 | 8:00pm


Domestic Blend

The name says it all! Domestic Blend is a genre bending group that produces feel good Soul Pop, dripping with elements of Blues, Jazz and Hip Hop to create a unique musical experience.


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Domestic Blend

The Famous Mockingbird welcomes Omaha based Domestic Blend to the stage. This soul pop band, featuring 6 unique musicians, weaves together blues, soul, indie and pop into an evening of joyful sound. Domestic Blend will have you dancing on the wooden floor in The Famous Mockingbird’s historic 100 year old building.

Domestic Blend weaves together hip hop, blues, indie, soul and pop into something that results in a sound so effortless, seamless, positive and downright sexy that you wont be able to stop yourself from having a good time no matter if you’re in a car or seeing them live.

Band members: Brady Wells, Matt Jones, Chris Doolittle, Ndzi Tante, Brandon Myers and Olivia Malik

Check out their latest release Space and Grit ( 2017), recorded at Circo Productions in Omaha, Nebraska.

Genre  Soul pop